Why Us?

Why Use Self Storage?

Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to free up any needed space at the home or office. Whether you are wanting to simply reduce clutter or you are storing a few boxes, furniture, vehicles, or any other items you aren't using, a storage unit is a safe place. You will have peace of mind that your items are kept safe and your home and office are more organized for it.


In most cases, storage units like ours offer more security than a home can. In addition to a lock, Mountainside Mini Storage offers 24-hour video recording and electronic gate access, as well as a security fence, limited entry after hours, and exterior lighting. Our gate is locked 24/7 with entry allowed only by members with a key pad code. While in-home security systems and surveillance offer protection to items inside your home, it might not protect items left in your garage, yard, or backyard storage shed. 


Some items can cause dangerous hazards when left unattended for extended periods of time. For this reason, local, state, and federal laws prohibit storing flammable materials, explosives, combustible materials, radio-active materials, or any materials classified as hazardous or toxic at Mountain Side Mini Storage. However, we do offer a convenient solution for storing items that may be dangerous to keep at home around pets and children such as large power tools and small vehicles. 


Maybe you are moving to a smaller home, or you've found that many of your items are not often used; whatever your storage needs are, you may not have room for everything in your garage or outside storage shed. A self-storage unit could give you a place to store small ski boats and fishing boats, canoes, collectibles, snow mobiles, or any other items that need protection from the weather and some extra security. You can even store a car in one of our 10x20 units. Our 8-foot high doors allow easy entry for tall items. 

Convinced Yet?

If you want to reclaim precious space that your exercise equipment, camping supplies, and boxes are taking up, a storage unit may be the perfect solution.