Business Storage

The Best Solution for Your Business

Your business or home office shouldn't be used for storage of important business documents or excess retail inventory. Consider the alternative of using a local business storage unit as a convenient option for storing your non-essential documents, retail, computer equipment, or any other items. Our storage units provide a professional solution for hard-copy document back-ups, as well as a great central location for on-the-road sales agents that may need to easily access products or important business documents.

Why Use Business Storage?

Our storage units are used by:

  • Contractors for equipment storage.
  • Legal Firms for sensitive business records storage.
  • Medical Industry for any medical files storage.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Sales Agents for their retail inventory.
  • Local Small Businesses for general file storage and archives.

Benefits of Archive Storage

  • Storing outdated and unused documents frees up office space and increase productivity.

  • Records stay in a secure location with no chance of unauthorized use.

  • Paperwork and retail is easily retrieved with 24-hour access.

  • Throwing away old documents can lead to identity theft. Archive document storage allows you to stay in legal compliance by maintaining all pertinent records.

  • 24-hour digital video surveillance gives you peace of mind and added protection.

  • Convenient, drive-up access makes even daily visits simplified. 

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